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It's been a while, fellas! From now until Halloween (Oct 31st) set your avatar to something Halloweeny! Share the spooks!

Karnage a Mine is amazing \o/
Tom Solidaris Done and done...Hope it's good enough we don't celebrate Halloween so I'm not into it that much ^^
Shade667 This is awkward... My avatar already is the Prince of Hell XD

3v3 LoL NA

JessDiva posted Sep 15, 12

Lets go, read it and sign up asap.

YeahBabyGetSome Maybe next time @_@
SasukeChan aww i wanted to signup today..

3v3 Tournament.

JessDiva posted Sep 9, 12
Dare I say it... 

I will be setting up a 3v3 tournament.

But until all of the rules are set up, all I would like for you to do is, Message me in the PM and say
BLANK BLANK AND BLANK would like to sign up for said ornamental. and I will say okay! and its will be good. I will answer any and all questions through message and I will be happy to answer. 

Also, if time is an issue for most. it you that sets up time between everyone.  IE practice and the tournament its self..

YeahBabyGetSome ......its on LoL I am sure of it
Kokopoki Ririnima Hmm, what game is this tournament to be hosted on?
YeahBabyGetSome Jess I like you even more! A 3's Tourny! hehehehehehe =D -YBGS ( on my team ^^)
From highest to lowest: 

Main: 11
Secondary: 6
Total: 17

Main: 10
Secondary: 1
Total: 11

Guild Wars 2
Main: 9
Secondary: 0
Total: 9

Aion NA
Main: 7
Secondary: 1
Total: 8

It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our Diablo 3 division. We have also removed RS from division development due to lack of interest.

August Avatar Event

Pride a posted Aug 13, 12  -  Avatar Event

This month's theme is "Favorite Animal"! So from August 13th to August 20th, display your favorite animal as your avatar! :)
CBX Otter =D
Nekokokami I got mine Foxxyy!
Jinzy turtle
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